Stefano NAZARI, MD







Date of birth                              January 2, 1949


Place of birth                             Venice, Italy


Education                                   Liceo Classico "A. Volta", Como                                 1963-1968

                                                     University of Pavia,

                                                     Medical School (19/7/1974, 110/110)            1968-1974


Mail Address                             Via Marconi, Residenza Parco 152, 20080 Basiglio-Milano3

                                                     tel. 0290785316; cell 3472411939




Surgical Education                   Intern medical student at Institutes:

                                                          Semeiotica Chirurgica                                            1970-1973

                                                          Patologia Chirurgica I                                            1973-1974

                                                          Laboratorio di Chirurgia Sperimentale                   1970-1974

                                                     Intern physician at Institute of

                                                           Patologia Chirurgica,

                                                           Universitą di Pavia                                                 1974-1978


Fellowships                                Italo American Education Foun-

                                                     dation Fellowship (ECFMG course)                                    1974


Medical license                          Italy                                                                               Jan 1975


Postgraduate Specialization School

                                                     Specialization diplome in Surgery

                                                                  Universitą di Pavia                                                   1980

                                                     Specialization diplome in General Thoracic Surgery

                                                                 Universitą di Torino                                                 1983


Hospital Appointments            Staff Thoracic Surgeon, IRCCS Policlinico

                                                     "S. Matteo", Divisione di

                                                     Patologia Chirurgica I Pavia                                        1978 - 2005


University Appointments        Lectures to the medical students of

                                                     Patologia Chirurgica, Universitą

                                                     di Pavia                                                                        1974-1975


                                                     Lectures and exercises related to

                                                     Specialization School of Emergency Surg.                  1979-1982

                                                     and Experimental Surgery and Microsurgery              1978-1982


                                                     Contract Professor, Postgraduate

                                                     Specialization School in

                                                     Experimental Surgery                                     1991 - 2005

Foreign Institutions Stages

                                                     Division of Organ Transplantation

                                                     University of Cincinnati                                      July     1973


                                                     Klinik fur herz-,thorax- und

                                                     Gefasschirugie (Dir. HG Borst),                     

                                                     Universitą di Hannover                                       Jan-Feb.1987


                                                     Div. Thoracic Surgery (Dir JD Cooper)

                                                     University of Toronto                                     April-July 1988


                                                     Div. Cardiovascular Surgery (Dir A. Carpentier)

                                                     H. Broussais, Univ Paris                         Oct 1996-Apr. 1997


Membership of Scientific Societies

                                         Member of:

                                                     - Societą Medico-Chirurgica di Pavia

                                                     - Societą Italiana di Chirurgia Oncologica

                                                     - Societą Italiana di Chirurgia Toracica

                                                     - European Society for Surgical Research            

                                                     - European Association for Cardio-thoracic surgery      

                                                     - Society of Thoracic Surgeons       

- New York Academy of Sciences      

                                                     - International Association for Cardiac Biological Implants


     President and founder of The Foundation Alexis Carrel

-        Not-for-profit research foundation in  the field of Thoracic and   cardiovascular Surgery established by act n° 1532/906 of Notaio dott Paola Rognoni, registered at Pavia n°1265, 11 June 11, 1997                  

-       URL:

Research Activity         

                                                     - organs preservation and experimental liver transplantation

                                                     - nosocomial infections

                                                     - parenteral nutrition and nutritional assessment

                                                     - one lung anaesthesia & differential lung ventilation

                                                                             +New endobronchial tube (Portex ltd)

                                                     - bronchogenic cancer surgery

                                                                             +Temporary by-pass in SupV.Cava resection

                                                                             +Bronchoplastic procedures

                                                                             +Transcervical resection of Pancoast T

                                                     - vascular staplers

                                                     - experimental lung transplantation

                                                                             +Bronchial artery revascularization

                                                                             +Extracorporeal lung preservation

                                                     - aortic surgery

                                                                             +New expandable prosthesis

                                                                             +Endovascular Net Prosthesis



Patents                Device for selective bronchial intubation and separate lung ventilation ...

                             US Pat. 4819664 - Filed Feb 17, 1988


Dispositivo per incrementare la resistenza meccanica di pareti vascolari senza ostacolare la circolazione ematica nei rami collaterali.

MI1994A001947 26 Sett1994


Vascular prosthesis (Type I and II) for the substitution or internal lining of blood vessels ...

                             US Pat. 5554183 - Filed Jan 13, 1995


                             Vascular prosthesis and device for its application.             

                              EP0664107 - 1995-07-26


Dispositivo per anastomosi vascolari e simili con punti metallici

IT1185920 - 1987-11-18 and  IT1215699 - 1990-02-22       


Dispositivo (Type III) per l'anastomosi vascolare aortica e dei suoi rami collaterali rapida a tenuta aereostatica con giustapposizione stabile ed a tenuta aereostatica degli eventuali strati di dissezione

MI2009A001931 - 2009, Nov 5


Research Grants from Public Institutions                            


                 Scientific Director of the following Researches funded by the Italian Ministry of Health:

                                                     - Lung transplant (Lit 400.000.000)                      (1989-1992)

                                                     - Long term preservation of the lung for transplant       

                                                        (Lit 240.000.000)                                                   (1990-1993)

                                                     - Long term preservation of the lung for transplant.      

                                                        Prevention of reperfusion damage 

                                                        (Lit 240.000.000)                                                   (1992-1995)

                 Scientific Director of the IRCCS San Matteo Current Research:

- “Sutureless prosthesis for prevention of neurologic     complications of thoracic aorta prosthetic substitution”       


Scientific Publications             210 printing publications (original articles,

                                                     monographies, abstracts of congress presentations,

                                                     chapters in books)

Surgical Activity

                                                     About 1500 surgical operations (mostly

                                                     thoracic  surgery) (reg on line up to 2001 only)


Certifications (reproduction)


Basiglio,(MI), 26 April 2016

Stefano Nazari