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Endovascular techniques are currently accepted standard for infrarenal and upper descending uncomplicated aortic aneurysm treatment, with better than open surgery results even in older patients (1). Endovascular techniques are also possible in virtually all other aortic segments, even though may include complex and/or hybrid procedures whose safety and long term effectiveness is still to be proved.

Endovascular technique however cannot prevent paraplegia in extended descending aorta aneurysms.

Moreover recent 2 years (2006-2007) USA nationwide data review showed that only 23% of 11,669 uncomplicated, localized, non genetic, elective, descending thoracic aorta aneurysms were treated with endovascular techniques, while the other 77% (9,106) were treated by standard open aortic repair (1), wich is then by far still the principal therapeutic option.

These data suggest a possible significant clinical impact of the below two folds research approach 

1) Superior nationwide outcomes of endovascular versus open repair for isolated descending thoracic aortic aneurysm in 11,669 patients
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Project 1 : easier and safer surgery for large thoracic or thoracoabdominal aneurysms:


New Devices TYPE I and II

Video 8 Jul 2009

Device TYPE III ---------------------------------------buttressed

Video 25 Nov 2009


Video 20 Apr 2008


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Project 2 :

A) very early aortic wall strengthening for aneurism stabilization and prevention of rupture & dissection

B) prophylactic aortic wall strengthening for aneurysm prevention in Marfan desease and other genetic disorders

2 - ENDOVASCULAR "NET" prosthesis without obstacle to aortic branches perfusion

15. Aortic Wall Strengthening by Endovascular “Net” Prosthesis for Aortic Aneurysm Prevention in Marfan Syndrome and Other Genetic Disorder

S. Nazari, 53 STS/AATS Tech-Con 2017, Houston, Texas, January 21, 2017 212.

Authors address:

Stefano Nazari, MD



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